1 thought on “4-paul-karichner-jersey-shore-pa-0957

  1. Paul: In July 2016 I bought a Model Power HO scale E9 locomotive from you by way of eBay. I had some pleasant communications with you, and you were very helpful. I noted then that you work with audio products as well as model railroad.
    I am now clearing out our house, preparing to sell it. I have a lot of audio components in various stages — most working well, some questionable, and some not working for me but possibly salvageable. Many have remote control and manual.
    Would you have use for my items, if I were to drive them io Jersey Shore?
    I have also a Toshiba flat-screen TV set, and speakers sets (in cabinets), and rabbit-ears antennas, and RCA phono connector cable sets
    Does any or all of these interest you? I shall be happy to donate them to you if you have use for them. If you respond to me, I shall work out a schedule with you.
    Thank you, Paul — Leigh


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